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The wine transcended a human element that cannot be measured

We were really pleased to meet Apostoli and Sofia, learn about your family and tour your winery with
the beautiful Cretan filoxenia that felt like we were family. We are proud of your commitment and
dedication to producing quality wines and cultivating the rich wine tradition of Crete which goes
back several thousand years.

I trust things are going well with the family and the business and we would love to see your wines some
day in Australia. Currently there is a renewed interest in Greek Wines and Sigalas, Alpha Estate and
Gaia have had good success. If you wish to pursue the Australian market I would be happy to help you
in the spirit of Cretan Filoxenia.

We do have some Alexakis wines that we bought from you at our meeting and have them stored in
our home in CHANIA, but we have not been back to Crete since our meeting, though we hope
to go this summer.

As I mentioned at our meeting one of my best friends is Dr Peter Alexakis from Sikia in Peloponnisos
who like me is a wine enthusiast and lives in Sydney but I must say is a lot more knowledgeable
than I am on wines.

Apostoli on that trip , gave me a bottle of Syrah Kotsifali as a gift to Peter as sign of friendship and
acknowledgement of the extent of the Alexakis family throughout Greece. Peter was really
appreciative of the gift and saved it for the right occasion. He finally opened that bottle and enjoyed
with his father Christo Alexakis.

Christo unfortunately passed away last year due to a long illness. In retrospect that gift Apostoli
gave was very special. I remember the happiness and emotion that it brought to Peter and his father.
Peter has tasted some of the finest Australian and French Wines but that bottle from Apostoli was
something else and unforgettable. The wine transcended a human element that can not be measured.

The Andriotakis and Alexakis families are currently holidaying in the USA and though we are in different
locations now we were together in New York and were happy to see your wines in restaurants. We were
there with three other Greek Australian families and though Peter and I tried to persuade them to the
restaurants with your wines we could never get consensus.

But we have not given up. I have called your US distributor Diamond Imports who have put me in contact
with Tom Hunter from Revel Wines who looks after Los Angeles where I hope to source some of your
wines to take back to Australia to share with my friend Peter.

Heretismata and a Happy New Year from Miami, Florida

Nick Andriotakis

The above post is a transcript of an email sent by Nick Andriotakis to our winery.

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