Rosé Wine

An attractive rosé from Moscato and Kotsifali grapes being processed as a mixture and not separately
Moscato and Kotsifali grapes are mixed together and then processed. The wine has balanced taste and displays intense aromas of small red fruits such as cherries, strawberries and blackberries. Of unique volume, it is round and has characteristic acidity which secures a long aftertaste.
A well-structured velvety taste in the mouth, flawless balanced acidity and long aftertaste.


Dry Rosé Wine


Protected Geographical Indication Crete


Selected vineyards in collaboration with vine growers from Heraklion region

Grape Varieties

Moscato – Kotsifali


Sandy clay loam


Altitudes of 400-500m.Kotsifali and Moscato grapes are sourced from selected vineyards cultivated at altitudes of 400-500m, within the viticulture area of Heraklion. The different microclimate and the variety in soil formation and the sandy clay loam composition are ideal for the production of grapes that result in wines of exceptional finesse with intense expression of the typical aromas of each variety. Plantation density is from 2.800 to 3.800 vines per hectare.

Plant Density

2.800 to 3.800 vines per hectare

Alcoholic Volume



10.000 bottles 

Maturation Potential

Please drink it fresh

Serving Temperature

Serve at 10-14°C

Food Pairing

Mediterranean seafood dishes including seafood pasta, salmon with asparagus, and Asian cuisine, especially chinese



Available Packaging

12 bottles


Grapes are hand-picked in the morning hours,from 6.00 to 12.00, to avoid high temperatures. Vine picking takes place with the use of plastic boxes of 18kg which are then stored in refrigerated trucks to protect and preserve the grapes until they are delivered to the winery.


After thorough inspection at the receiving area of the winery, grapes are kept for 24 hours at 2°C. They are then stemmed and pumped together in the fermentors. Maceration lasts for approximately 12 hours and then the juice is extracted by “bleeding off”. The juice is cold settled and fermented with the addition of selected yeasts that enhance the aromatic character of the varieties.