White Wines

Blend of indigenous white grape varieties Vidiano and Muscat
Refreshing, rich and complex blend with predominantly citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Of brilliant lemon-green color, it is fresh, has exceptional acidity and a nice, round finish.
An ideal summer wine.


Dry White Wine


Protected Geographical Indication Crete


Selected vineyards in collaboration with vine growers from Heraklion region

Grape Varieties

Vidiano 75% – Muscat 25%


Sandy clay loam


Vidiano and Muscat varietals are cultivated at altitudes of 400-500m in the northwestern viticutlure area of Heraklion. The soil here is mainly sandy clay loam on steep slopes which contributes to the production of wines of full body and intense aromas. The microclimate is typical island climate –cold winters, hot summers and medium levels of rainfall– made milder by the presence of north-westerly winds coming from the Aegean Sea, favoring the cultivation of white aromatic varieties. Plantation density is from 2.800 to 3.800 vines per hectare and production does not exceed 60hl per hectare.

Plant Density

2.800-3.800 vines per hectare

Alcoholic Volume



10.000 bottles 

Maturation Potential

Ready to drink

Serving Temperature


Food Pairing

Perfect with salads and seafood



Available Packaging

12 bottles


Harvest is done manually in the morning hours, from 6.00 to 12.00, to avoid high temperatures. Vine picking takes place with the use of plastic cases of 18kg which are then stored in refrigerated trucks to protect and preserve the grapes until they are delivered to our winery.


After thorough inspection at the receiving area of the winery, grapes are preserved for 24 hours in very low temperatures. After stemming, the method of cryo-maceration is implemented for about 6 hours. Consequently, the free-run juice is taken without pressure. Cold settling and injection with selected yeast follow, to highlight the aromatic varietal profile. The wine of each variety is fermented in stainless steel tanks. In the beginning of the year, the blend is stabilized and bottled.
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