• Moscato Dolce

    A vinous presence that stands out. A sweet wine with an explosive finish. Dense in the mouth, out-of-this-world equilibrium of all elements.

  • Hatiri

    Mono-varietal of the Malvasia Aromatica grape variety.
    Smooth and creamy with an exceptionally balanced taste, and an aromatic aftertaste of jasmine.

  • Mare de Candia

    Rare blend of the indigenous white grape varieties Vilana, Vidiano, Athiri and Assyrtiko.
    Impressively elaborate, balanced to perfection, with a long aftertaste.

  • Kariki

    Blend of the indigenous red varieties Kotsifali and Mandilari.
    Rich and balanced taste, velvety with long aftertaste.

  • Artis

    Blend of the indigenous white grape varieties Vidiano and Muscat. Rich and complex, predominantly citrus and tropical fruit aromas.
    A splendid summer wine.

  • Kariki

    Blend of the indigenous Aegean white varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri. Crisp, fresh, exceptional acidity. The perfect summer wine.

  • Athiri Dandelion

    Mono-varietal wine of the Aegean grape variety Athiri.
    Pleasant yet discrete floral and fruity aroma. Balanced taste and acidity that deliver freshness and characteristic minerality.

  • Vidiano

    Outstanding mono-varietal of the indigenous white grape Vidiano. Velvety, unctuous aftertaste, supported by the volume and length of its high acidity.

  • Kotsifali-Syrah

    A one-of-a-kind blend, the indigenous red variety of Crete Kotsifali and Syrah. Intense, well-structured, immaculately balanced. Long aftertaste.

  • Αrtis

    Mono-varietal of the indigenous red variety Kotsifali.
    A light red with volume, roundness, medium acidity and a long finish.

  • Artis Rosé

    An attractive rosé from Moscato and Kotsifali grapes being processed as a mixture and not separately.
    Moscato and Kotsifali grapes are mixed together and then processed. A balanced taste that displays intense aromas of small red fruits.

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