Then & Now

Most traces of vineyards date back to prehistoric times. According to archaeological evidence, the cultivation of vines started in the region south of the Caucasus, around the Caspian Sea, and was introduced to Mesopotamia and Egypt later. The first vestiges of winemaking were found in Philippi in Macedonia.

Alexakis Winery

Alexakis –a family-owned-and-run winery– is the largest winery on the island of Crete. The company is managed by enologist-chemical engineer Stelios Alexakis (founder of the business in the 70’s), Sofia, his wife, and their sons, Lazaros and Apostolos. Both Lazaros and Apostolos are enologists, with degrees from the Universities of Florence, Italy and Fresno, California respectively and are responsible for production, marketing, and the winery’s current evolution.

The guided tour – meal

Enjoy a guided tour with a wine tasting of five Alexakis labels and a meal of traditional Cretan dishes designed and prepared by Peskesi, Authentic Cretan Cuisine, the award-winning restaurant in Heraklion.

Celebrating Crete!

Welcome to Greece, to Crete, to Heraklion and to Alexakis winery! The Alexakis team and its award-winning wines welcome and embrace all visitors to Heraklion and to its winery.
Our winery has designed the following organised guided tours:
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